What We Do

Our Capabilities

Sales Dynamo Consulting provides a full spectrum of sales enablement services in sales processes, skills, and sales management. Our goal is your long-term success.

Our expertise includes:

  • Long and short-term sales strategies

    Do you need more market share? Is a competitor disrupting your market? Are you struggling to get back on target in an evolving market? Are you ready to break into a new market? Do you need more consistent or higher sales numbers?

    Let us help you avoid expensive missteps. We’ll help you build a strategic plan to address your market and their key needs through every sales season. We’ll help you navigate the different procurement processes of different markets.

    A strong strategic plan creates consistent sales numbers and a reliable income stream for your business. We'll show you how to develop your successful sales strategy.

  • Sales enablement

    To optimize results, Sales and Marketing need to work together. Sometimes, this is easier said than done! What if they worked effectively together? What if your sales collateral increased your brand awareness and your sales numbers?

    We’ll create a plan to keep sales and marketing on the same page, delivering the right brand messages at the right times to keep sales on track and increase market share. When they work together, sales go up, brand image goes up, and employee retention goes up. Isn't it time to get everyone on the same page?!

  • Sales training classes

    Over 70% of sales professionals in the US have never received any training in sales skills (Forbes 2020) - they only receive training on the products they sell!

    Sales Dynamo creates customized programming to arm your team with the skills they need to represent your brand and your offerings at their best. From prospecting to objection handling to closing, we’ve got you covered. Sell more, with more predictability and more accurate forecasts. You can't afford to let sales skills get rusty. Let us help you keep them sharp!

  • Sales management training classes

    As one of your star performers, you’ve promoted Shawn the Super Salesman to Shawn the Supervisor. Yet over 80% of the time Shawn receives no management training for the big promotion! (Forbes 2020) This is a recipe for a dumpster fire.

    To help your sales managers support their teams and keep numbers growing, we offer sales management training in all the key management disciplines, including the sales process, coaching, employee reviews, leadership, and more. Strengthen your sales team. Give them a great manager!

  • Sales onboarding plan development

    Hiring new sales reps is expensive so a strong onboarding program is key to helping them be productive as quickly as possible. Job shadowing is an important step of onboarding, but so is training in sales skills, product knowledge and market data.

    Set them up for success! We have the experience and expertise to help you design an onboarding training process that positions your new reps for success in less time with better results. Decrease time to profitability, and increase rep retention with a strong onboarding plan for sales reps.

  • Sales onboarding classes

    Who trains your new sales reps? Are your seasoned pros relied upon to show them the ropes? Why take some of your best people off the job and have them become trainers when the experts at Sales Dynamo can do it for you? Sales onboarding classes provide the skills reps need for immediate traction. Decrease the time to profitability and increase new rep success with Sales Dynamo onboarding. All you need to supply is product and market training. Easy!

  • Compensation planning

    Is it time to re-work your compensation plan? Where do you even start? We can help you build a compensation plan that motivates, rewards, attracts, and retains the best talent - all without breaking the bank!

  • Job descriptions

    Are you attracting the sales talent you need to be successful? Do your internal job descriptions accurately describe what your team really does? Do reps get frustrated after onboarding because the job isn’t what they expected?

    We can help! We write clear, honest effective job descriptions that will attract the talent you need. Our internal job descriptions define expectations, help to hold team members accountable, and make HR management easy.

  • Inside sales/call center skills classes

    Every service we offer for on-site and outside sales reps are also available for inside reps. We’ll make your team stronger, more efficient and more successful. Skills training, onboarding, compensation planning, and more!

  • Customer service classes

    Are you proud of the way your customer service department is representing your brand? Do clients compliment you on your service?

    Over the life of their relationship with you, your clients will have as much (or more!) contact with Billing, Service, and Support as they did with your sales team. That’s why every client-facing touchpoint in your organization is customer service. Customer service skills, training and onboarding matter.

    Make your service a featured advantage of your brand. Our customer service classes show you how.

  • Sales and management retreats

    It’s often more productive to conduct the important work of strategy and training away from the day-to-day interruptions of phone calls, door knocks, meetings, and emails. When your team is ready to do some intensive improvement, Sales Dynamo is there to help you with offsite planning, facilitating, programming, and more.

  • Keynote addresses

    When your team needs an outside perspective or a fresh voice to speak on sales techniques, motivation, a new product launch, change management, or other topics, ask Sales Dynamo.

    We deliver over 30 keynote presentations each year on a variety of sales-related topics. We’ll partner with you to deliver just the message so your reps feel energized and recharged!