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Why is Sales Dynamo so successful? It’s because our founder, Elisabeth Marino, has over 35 years of experience in sales and sales consulting. She’s sold everything from cookies to caskets. She’s worked in B2B, B2C, non-profit, enterprise business… You name it - she’s seen it, done it, and succeeded in it.

A nationally-recognized top sales pro herself, her guidance comes from experience. She doesn’t believe there is a single sales system that works for every rep, every industry, or every company. Every situation is unique, and she’s a master at every part of the sales process, the sales management process, strategic sales planning, sales data insights, and sales training.

Thousands of sales reps have thrived with her training. She is a frequent speaker at national sales conferences, enterprise business sales kick-offs, and LinkedIn sales panels. Her book series, Sales Dynamics, is popular on Amazon. (The first book in the series is available now!) And her webinars are used by over a dozen companies as part of their standard sales onboarding process.

Elisabeth hand picks every member of the Sales Dynamo team, and trains each consultant personally. You’ll always receive the highest quality of sales expertise from Sales Dynamo.

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Our Key to Your Success


Sales Dynamo’s keys to success are integrated concepts, follow-up reinforcement of skills, and accountability. The impact of one-off seminar-style training sessions tends to wane within 6-8 weeks. (InsideSales 2020) Why? Because even the most motivating seminar won’t change habits automatically! It needs to be part of a robust program in order to have an impact on your team. When you hire Sales Dynamo, you get a 90-day follow-up plan to keep managers and sales pros engaged and on track to implement those new skills and activities. That’s the way to achieve real sales growth.

As part of our partnership, the first thing we’ll do is perform an evaluation of your sales pros and your sales process. We’ll identify your team’s strengths, and help you capitalize on them. And we’ll identify your team’s weaknesses, and help strengthen them. Then we’ll help you choose the services that will be the most effective for growing your individual business.

We’re focused on sustained improvement – that’s why Sales Dynamo training works. Not sure what your business needs, but know it needs something? We’ll be happy to provide a one-hour consultation free of charge and we’ll give you our best advice.

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  • Fewer than 26% of active sales representatives do any pre-sales-call research or planning.

  • Only 22.9% of sales reps follow any kind of a structured time management methodology.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should we hire a sales enablement professional?
    You should hire a sales enablement pro because what you’re doing now isn’t delivering the results you need. If you could fix it yourself, it would be fixed by now! An objective perspective on your business practices is an important step in making improvements. You only pay for our expertise, not our benefits package, taxes, and coffee because we're contract workers. And once we’ve achieved your goals, the contract says we’re finished! You decide how much help your sales consultant provides, or how little.
  • Is there a charge for an initial consultation?
    No! Not a penny! We both have to be clear on what needs to be done, and whether Sales Dynamo can provide a solution. There is no fee until we have a written agreement.
  • Why does Sales Dynamo do a written evaluation?
    Your sales enablement consultant will perform an evaluation to provide a snapshot of where things are now. When your sales are lower than you want them to be, the problem could be one or more of many things - we won’t assume. We’ll find out what’s going on, and work from there. We compare your business to known best practices for your industry, and against your goals and objectives. We identify where you are, and where you need to be. The evaluation contains some guidelines, research, and success stories. The summary gives you a plan on how to move forward. You can choose to do some, or all of the work yourself, or we can help. The choice is yours.
  • How do we know the advice from our sales consultant is working?
    Numbers don’t lie. Before work begins, we agree on how to measure success. There are key performance indicators built into the assessment process. You’ll be able to watch the numbers and your sales grow!
  • You mentioned that this is affordable. What does that mean?
    We have retainer programs, hourly rates, and project rates available. We usually cost less than half the salary of one full time sales rep. Because of the increase in sales we deliver, you make significantly more money when you work with us, and the program pays for itself dozens of times over, because enablement is scalable. That’s affordable!
  • How do we get started?
    Is it time to talk with a sales enablement consultant? Call us today, at 716-435-7096 for a free consultation. We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions, or schedule an appointment. What are you waiting for?
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