Time to Throw Away Your Business Cards?

business cards

Now that so much has gone digital, should you throw away your business cards, and move to a digital representation of yourself, an e-card? Maybe. Do you work in environmental business, or technology? Don’t cards cost us trees? Why would you want to be represented by 19th century technology? Consider your audience. You’ll find some people will always want a card they can touch.

business cards

Business Card, 1895

When offered an e-card, it’s convenient for me to skip the paper step. However, I watch the faces of my colleagues who aren’t familiar with e-cards. They immediately feel excluded when they’re told a business contact doesn’t “use business cards anymore.”

Leading with technology

If you’re in an industry where innovation and technology are the essence of the product, it makes sense not to lead with a paper business card. Nothing gets an early-adopting tech shopper revved up like thinking they’ve missed an important tech development, after all! Environmental groups and agencies should definitely move in that direction, setting an example in every way they can. But when the client asks you for a card, what then? “Electronic, or physical card?” is a good response. Sometimes introducing a person to the idea is all it takes for them to be interested. When you offer your e-card, explain why your company is moving in that direction.

Which e-card might work for you?

Anytime you’re asked for a card, hand one out, electronic or paper. If you’re thinking of moving to an e-card, do some research. You might choose an e-card that behaves like an app. It will allow your customers to call or get directions to your office by pressing a button. You can get an e-card with the exact same look as your paper card. Use hyperlinks in e-cards, letting people navigate to specific parts of your website, or send you an email directly through the e-card. Some website designers include e-card design in their packages. Choose functions and a design that will work for your customers. And don’t throw away your business cards. Keep a few with you at all times. After all, your phone battery might die someday!