An accountability culture begins with effective leadership.

High-performance teams are able to function at greater levels because they take responsibility for their results, and trust their teammates to do the same. This leadership mentality makes higher sales and results in better sales rep retention.

Every employee can be taught to lead themselves and others. Every team member can be taught how to manage accountability and responsibility. No one will score 100% on every challenge or assignment – but knowing what to do when things don’t go smoothly is just as important as knowing how to manage success.

Sales Dynamo has tailored leadership programming in a variety of disciplines including: effective coaching techniques, communication, change management, conflict management, employee assessments, strategic thinking, coordinated goal setting, objective key results management, and more.

Let us help you develop the skills and disciplines you need to keep your business successful over time.

I'm ready to take the lead!

Benefits of Ongoing Training & Development

  • 70% of those surveyed indicated that job-related training and development opportunities positively influenced their decision to stay at their job.

  • Two-thirds of the workers surveyed stated they believed workplace training should continue throughout their career, regardless of their seniority.

  • Sales managers rated as “good” or “excellent” coaches by their direct reports have team closing ratios 26% higher than those rated “acceptable” or “poor”.

    (Miller Heiman)