Sales Enablement Resources: The Ultimate Guide

Sales enablement resources are everywhere, at every level. There’s stuff for sales pros, sales managers, and even the C suite. Have you fallen in love with Sales Blogs? Are you mad for podcasts? Does your Kindle have more sales books on it than there are ants at a picnic? What about the endless webinars by sales experts?

While everyone in sales and marketing can and should consume content at a variety of levels, it’s hard to know what’s good, or even what’s out there. The content cloud grows every day!

To help you find the most valuable content, we’ve curated the following list of podcasts and blogs.(We didn’t list the Sales Dynamo blog, because you’re obviously reading it already!) Many of these content creators are authors, too.  If we’ve listed the book, we love it!  For more, read our list of must have sales books here.

1. Sales Hacker

Best for: reps, managers, emerging leaders, and executives

Sales Hacker blog content ranges from blog posts to podcasts, webinars, and videos, meaning there’s probably a format you like. The topics include every area of sales skill and theory, and they read like well-written onboarding materials.  Equally, much of their content is downloadable, so you can use it/them as job aids!

2. Make it Happen Mondays

Best for: all  reps, all sales managers, emerging leaders, and executives

This iMake it happen mondays sales podcastss one of the best kept secrets in sales. In recent years, John Barrows has made a name for himself as a leading B2B sales trainer through his company JBarrows Sales Training. Then came the blog. This year, he launched Make It Happen Mondays, featuring weekly conversations with Barrows and another sales experts. With episodes on using humor in sales, working smarter in your prospecting, and others, the show is  a great way to move your skills forward in a painless and fun environment. Jump start your week and your motivation with this deeply insightful content.

3. Tethr Blog

Best for: Sales reps, inside and outside sales managers, sales enablement managers

This blog is led and guided by the sales disrupter, Matthew Dixon, co-author of The Challenger Sale and The Challenger Customer. It’s tied to Tethr, a company that specializes in automating drawing insights from client calls. The perspective is just different enough – listening with a clear analytic agenda, that the insights are fresh. This will definitely change your game for the better.

4. B2B Growth Show

Best for: all B2B reps, all sales managers, emerging leaders, and executives

In this daily podcast, B2B marketing experts James Carbary and Jonathan Green interview different business leaders on a variety of topics, from strategy to buyer personas and everything in between. There are hundreds of episodes, which will help reps in sales and marketing both understand the full market picture and how to react to it.

5. Jill Konrath’s Fresh Sales Strategies

Best for: Sales reps, anyone wanting to understand frontline sales

Jill Konrath, author of “Selling to BIG Companies,” “SNAP Selling: Speed Up Sales and Win More Business with Today’s Frazzled Customers,” and “Agile Selling,” is an expert when it comes to navigating complex sales, making prospects’ lives easier, and increasing rep efficiency. She also loves the clarity of a repeatable sales process, and demonstrates how to build one that gives you freedom through discipline. We love her books, and strongly recommend any content of hers you can get your hands on!

6. Conversations With Women In Sales

Best for: Sales reps, anyone wanting to understand frontline sales and sales theory

conversations with women in sales sales podcasts

Created to be a resource for women sales professionals first and foremost, this podcast puts women sales leaders front and center to talk about their careers and offer practical sales tips. Social sales expert Barbara Giamanco launched the show in 2018 as a direct response to the lack of women in sales roles and on panels. Sadly, Giamanco passed away in 2020. Lori Richardson of Score More Sales has taken over the podcast, and it’s still best-in-class content.



7. LinkedIn Sales Solutions

Best for: Sales reps

Social selling is a major priority for sales teams. Who better than LinkedIn’s sales blog to help you stay up-to-date on the latest social selling news and techniques? If you can avoid the sometimes less than subtle product pitching there’s plenty to be learned here, including how to maximize new functionalities on the site. A strong resource for those looking to save time in their LI work.

8. The Sales EvangelistThe Sales Evangelist sales podcasts

Best for: reps, sales enablement managers, and sales managers

Hosted by “Sales Evangelist” Donald Kelly, this sales blog and podcast is all about giving tips to anyone wanting to learn more about being successful in sales. Kelly is a sales trainer, and his insights are uniquely actionable and digestible, usually in 30 minute bites. Topics include text messages, strategies sales productivity, and more of the foundational wisdom we all need. 

He interviews many of the top sales, marketing and business experts on a mix of topics. His content includes well rounded and actionable advice to help you do your best work.

9. HubSpot Sales Blog

Best for: Sales reps, managers, emerging leaders

Valuable insights on a ton  of topics are available from the HubSpot Sales Blog, and it’s the diversity that makes it work so well. Posts vary in length, but they pack a lot of actionable info into short (under 7 minutes, average) posts. Contributors include many of the most well-known names in the sales world, including Anthony Iannarino, author of several sales bibles,  Trish Bertuzzi, author of the Sales Development Playbook, and more.

All your basic skills are covered here, and most are linked in the content to larger principles of psychology or client relationship lifecycle. Truly a great resource for those who are eager to learn what’s now and what’s next.

10. The Sales Blog/In the Arena

Best for: reps, sales enablement managers, sales managers, and executives

This is a high energy blog and related podcast that will encourage anyone to up their game.  Host Anthony Iannarino is a successful sales professional and author (see above) who shares current and powerful sales techniques with listeners.

The podcast portion lets you  hear from other sales experts, top authors, B2B and B2C sales managers about sales and how to level up skills and performance. This will help you up your skills, make more sales, and advance your career. It may be a little too much information for the brand new rep, but it’s great for those with a couple of years under their belt, and more.

The Salesman sales podcasts11. The Salesman

Best for: reps, sales enablement managers, sales managers

The Salesman Podcast is an Apple Award winning show aimed at B2B sales professionals. It helps sales professionals learn how to find new potential buyers and win business from them in a modern, effective, and ethical way.

The show has featured NASA astronauts, Olympic athletes, UFC fighters and world leading neuroscientists as guests. In other words, it approaches sales differently. Situated at the cross-section of psychology and sales, this podcast digs into the role emotions, body language and motivation play in a sale. Host Will Barron makes this entertaining podcast something that even non-sales people enjoy, so it doesn’t even feel like you’re working! 

12. Sales Source

Best for: Sales reps, managers, executives, and entrepreneurs

Geoffrey James, author of “How to Say It: Business to Business Selling,” shares a variety of sales, marketing, and general professional advice on his daily blog. If you’re interested in writing better sales emails, becoming more productive, motivating yourself, improving your negotiation skills, and more, check out Sales Source.

13. Sales Enablement with Andy Paul

Sales Enablement with Andy Paul sales podcasts

Best for: sales leaders, executives, and sales enablement

Not Aaron Paul, the actor! Meaty discussions on sales strategy make up the content here. Formerly called Accelerate!Sales Enablement With Andy Paul  Andy focuses on the enablement planning for any implementation of a strategy. How do you do it, and how can you do it well? How do you identify what’s working, and whether it’s working well? This longer form podcast includes interviews with Daniel Pink, and other thought leaders on topics like solution selling, aligning buyer expectations and building a high-performing inside sales team.

14. OpenView Labs (Sales Category)

Best for: CEOs, founders, sales enablement teams, and sales leaders

OpenView is a venture capital firm focusing on early-stage software companies. Don’t let that fool you into thinking this isn’t for you! Its blog is a valuable resource for senior executives – especially the sales category, which features substantial articles on everything from building a sales enablement program and training BDRs to interviewing rep candidates and removing bias from your hiring process. Great stuff!

15. Gong Labs Blog

Best for: Sales reps, marketing teams, sales enablement teams, sales managers

Gong is chock full of great statistics you can use on handouts, expert tips in sales and marketing, and advice for reps in the trenches and sales leaders looking to motivate their teams. You’ll find actionable articles that help you meet your quota, close business, and have more successful calls during your sales cycle. A mix of quick reads and deep content.