The 4 Most Common Shopper Personalities, and How To Sell Them

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Did you ever wonder how to sell a particular client? There are millions of individual personalities out there, but most of us fall into one of 4 categories when we are shopping: The Expert, The Connector, The Prisoner, or The Evaluator. Each one of these shopping
styles requires information and service to be presented in a particular way in
order to make the shopper feel respected and interested in doing business with
you. At first glance, it may seem like patronizing people, but really, you’re
just addressing your prospect in their own language. If their language was
Serbian, you wouldn’t speak French, would you?
Here are the 4 most common shopper types, and a few pointers
on how to speak their language:

The Expert

This shopper believes they know it all already. Saving face is very important to them. To sell to them, you must respect the knowledge and experience they have, or think they have. Use reinforcement phrases like: I like what you just
said. -and-  That’s a great question. Start
sentences with: As I’m sure you already know… Question with: I’m curious about
your thoughts on…

The Connector

This shopper is always looking for familiar context.  Everything will remind them of a story,
person, or movie. They want to trust you, and want things to make sense. To sell to them, use
phrases that emphasize the familiar: Use their own words and phrases whenever
possible. Analogies are usually helpful with these shoppers. Start sentences
with: You may have thought it would be nice if… and then follow with a feature.
Questions should be grounded in recent statements the shopper has made: “How
soon are you looking to buy (whatever they just said)?”

The Prisoner

This shopper doesn’t want to be in the market. They want to
get it over with. All they need is trust to move forward. They need to trust that you will
take this issue off their hands, and they won’t have to cope with it anymore. To sell to them, write things down! Never ask them to repeat themselves. De-escalating their emotions
is very important, but it needs to be done in a way that is not minimizing the
importance of their feelings. Start sentences with: Thanks for bringing that
up. -and- This must be a frustrating position for you. Question with: Do you
think we should talk about ________?

The Evaluator

This shopper loves the shopping, and always wants more time
and material to consider. Helping them to the decision phase may be seen as
pushy. They will walk away if they don’t feel educated. They want a lifeline,
so they will ask about guarantees and warranties. Comparison shopping is the
norm for them, and they may lead you on in hopes of getting a deal to take to
your competitors. To sell to them, start sentences with: “As you may know from your research…”  Question with: “To answer you better, I’d like to ask you a question.”
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