Discovery/Needs Analysis – Drive Urgency for Higher Sales

Key Takeaways: Cafeteria-style product selection doesn’t require much sales skill. If your customer’s journey is a little more involved, you probably need some skills in identifying client needs. We’ll show you how to perform a needs analysis, a gap analysis, and how to create urgency – all in just a few minutes!

Preventing & Overcoming Sales Objections

Virtual Event

Key Takeaways: One reason sales can have a high turnover is that sales reps are constantly receiving objections to the buying conversation: “We have a vendor.” “I’m just browsing.” “Email me something and I’ll get back to you.”  In this class we show you how to prevent those objections before they happen. And if one...


Professional Communication Skills – The Best of Both Sides

Virtual Event

Key Takeaways: The old adage is, “Telling isn’t selling.” Communication has been influenced by a variety of technologies, but most of us aren’t taught the differences between personal, casual, and professional communication. We explore these differences and help you better understand your buyers, your market, and your co-workers.


Sales Alignment – Getting to Yes

Key Takeaways: You’re interested and so are they. How do you get to yes? We’ll show you how to close the gap between “interested” and “sold.”

Closing Techniques and Upsells – Close More Business Now

Key Takeaways: “Sign here,” has got to be the worst sales closing line ever! In this class we review over a dozen ways to approach closing a sale, as well as eight ways to upsell a buyer, and eight ways to cross sell. You’ll leave class knowing how to maximize every sale.

Remote Selling – Hacks That Work

Key Takeaways: Selling remotely is different. You have fewer opportunities, and meetings are shorter. In this class we discuss the ways make sure your prospects engage with you, learn about...