Prospecting & Lead Generation – Finding Those Who Want Your Product

Key Takeaways: Not every person is a prospective customer. In these lead generation master class, we show you how to locate your potential customers, how to reach out to them, and how to know when. Stop wasting your time on “no way!”

Introduction and Cold Calling – Getting That First Meeting

Key Takeaways: You have a contact. Now what? In this first class in our 5 Part Class Sales Dynamics Certification Series we’ll cover what to say to get engagement on a cold call, how to talk to a decision maker, and how to land that first meeting. And it’s painless – we promise!

Sales Alignment – Getting to Yes

Key Takeaways: You’re interested and so are they. You want to make sure you’ve set yourself up to close. How do you get to yes?

In this part of our 5-Class Dynamic Sales Certification  series, we’ll show you how to close the gap between “interested” and “sold.”

Sales Culture – Creating an Effective Sales Organization

Key Takeaways: As our teams get smaller, more and more staff is involved in the sales process. It’s vital they share skills, goals, and messaging.

In this sales management class, we’ll show you how to create an effective sales culture in your business. Sales go up, and friction goes down. Make every sale a team win!

Developmental Sales Meetings – How to Grow Your Team’s Skills Every Week!

Key Takeaways: Sales meetings can be boring lists of activity reports, or every sales meeting can help your team make more money! In this sales management course, we teach a vital skill – how to run great sales meetings. Developing sales skills and keeping them sharp can be accomplished painlessly through developmental sales meetings. We show you the ins and outs for sustained top line growth.

Managing Sales Teams for Momentum – The Case For Effective Talent Development and Motivating Reviews

Key Takeaways: Sales don’t just happen. To have a reliable income stream your sales team needs to have and maintain momentum. This class helps sales managers create a management style that keeps your reps engaged and performing at a high level. From engaging reviews that HR and the sales team will love to the talent development your team needs, you’ll have a plan that works.

Retaining Sales Reps – Why They Stay, and When They’ll Leave

Key Takeaways: More than 90% of businesses in the US rely exclusively on the sales department to generate all the income for the business – no grants, no investors. The pressure is intense!

In this management level class we show you how to keep your sales reps on your team. You’ll learn  how to identify when your top sellers become flight risks. And of course, you’ll learn how to prevent it, and what to do if and when it happens.

Time Management – From Chaos to Calm

Key Takeaways: Whether you’re working remotely or in person, time management makes all the difference in how effectively you work. In a class designed for the whole staff we’ll show you how to have a more productive day and a more productive team. Get more done with fewer people and less conflict!

Conflict Resolution – Why It Happens and What to Do When It Does

Key Takeaways: Conflict will happen on every team at some point. In this  course designed for managers and staff we’ll show you how to make disagreements productive, not personal, and how to harness that energy to do your best work. We’ll also define when conflict becomes harmful or even dangerous. We’ll talk about why aggression is unacceptable in the workplace, and how it’s different from assertiveness.  And we’ll address what to do when your employee may be having difficulty managing their behavior. 

This class is often purchased with our Professional Communication Course, which is a communications course for the entire team.

Sales Time Management – We All Get the Same 24 Hours. Maximize Yours!

Key Takeaways: Time management for sales reps is a complex mix of internal and external demands. We’ll show you how to plan your work so your work gets done without the mad dashes, late night cramming sessions, and excessive caffeination that characterize so many sales organizations. Less stress, more success!

Useful Referrals and Building a Referral Network

Key Takeaways: 87% of customers say they would be happy to supply referrals, but most sales reps don’t receive any! In this class we teach how to ask for referrals, when to ask, and what to do with them when you receive them. You’ll be surprised how many you receive!

Influence and Bias – Are You Selling? Or Being Sold?

Key Takeaways: The science of heuristics, or the shortcuts and assumptions our minds make in the background of everyday life, influences whether we are selling, being sold, or even being ignored.

In this 4 part class we explore the top 30 heuristics that affect sales, and discuss how to recognize them, avoid letting them contaminate your critical thinking, and how to use them to your advantage when your buyer is exhibiting them. You’ll sell more, faster, starting now. 

Lead Nurturing – Building Relationships That Pay Off!

Key Takeaways: Sales is not binary; it isn’t just “sold” or “no sale.” There is a third step: a lead primed for nurturing. With companies who have a lead nurturing program meeting or exceeding sales goals over 15% more often, it’s a tool every sales pro should have. We’ll show you how.

Professional Communication Skills – The Best of Both Sides

Key Takeaways: The old adage is, “Telling isn’t selling.” Teams who communicate effectively have less conflict and more success. Communication has been influenced by a variety of technologies, but most of us aren’t taught the differences between personal, casual, and professional communication.  We explore these differences and help you better understand your buyers, your market, and your co-workers.

Customer Service – The Long-Term Brand Experience

Key Takeaways: Your brand is your people. The product is just a part of it! Customer service is likely where your customer will develop a lasting impression of your brand and your product. In this class we help you turn your customer service department into the place where your clients are happy, engaged, and committing to your brand for the long term.

Networking – Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How

Key Takeaways: Everyone tells businesspeople to network, but how do you make networking work for you? Is there a right way? Is there a wrong way? In this class we help you develop your networking plan. You’ll learn to network in ways that will grow your reputation,  your influence, and your business. 

Discovery/Needs Analysis – Drive Urgency for Higher Sales

Key Takeaways: Cafeteria-style product selection doesn’t require much sales skill. If your customer’s journey is a little more involved, you need skills  identifying client needs.

In this second class in the 5 Class Sales Dynamics Certification series we’ll show you how to perform a needs analysis, a gap analysis, and how to create urgency. You can do it all in just a few minutes! Don’t leave money on the table! Strong discovery skills make the highest sales.

Preventing & Overcoming Sales Objections

Key Takeaways: One reason sales can have a high turnover is that sales reps   objections to the buying conversation: “We have a vendor.” “I’m just browsing.” “Email me something and I’ll get back to you.” 

In this fifth and final class in the 5 Class Sales Dynamics Certification series we show you how to prevent those objections and more before they happen. And if one happens to enter the conversation anyway, we’ll show you what to do to overcome it. You can use it to help you close the sale!

Closing Techniques and Upsells – Close More Business Now

Key Takeaways: “Sign here,” has got to be the worst sales closing line ever!

In this fourth class in the 5 Class Sales Dynamics Certification series we review over a dozen proven closing techniques, as well as eight ways to upsell a buyer, and eight ways to cross sell. You’ll leave class knowing how to maximize every sale.

Remote Selling – Hacks That Work

Key Takeaways: Selling remotely is different. You have fewer opportunities, and meetings are shorter.

In this class we discuss the ways to maximize prospect engagement with you, help them learn about your offering, and prefer your product over any others. When we can sell in person again most of these skills and techniques are transferable to traditional sales!