10 Commandments of Sales

ten commandments of sales

Like any profession, sales has ground rules that should guide, shape, and inform the activity. These are the 10 Commandments of Sales. Ignore them at your peril!

Law #1: Thou Shalt Present Thy Value Proposition with Numbers and True Stories.

Law #2: Thou Shalt Sell to the Highest Decision-Maker Available to Thee.

Law #3: Thou Shalt Empathize with Thy Prospect and Examine Thy Product’s Value from Their Perspective.

Law #4: Thou Shalt Not Speak Ill of the Competition.

Law #5: Thou Shalt Always be Well, Fine, and Pleasant On All Subjects.

Law #6: Thou Shalt Challenge Customer Assumptions With Facts And Statistics.

Law #7: Thou Shalt Emphasize the Cost of Postponing the Purchase.

Law #8: Thou Shalt Not Give Answers Thou Art Not 100% Sure Are Correct.

Law #9: Thou Shalt Keep Prodigious and Accurate Notes of All Contacts.

Law #10: Thou Shalt Follow Up, and Follow Up, and Follow Up (and Follow Up, and Follow Up.)

Using the Commandments

No matter what sales process you are using, the 10 commandments of sales support your work. These are best practices that keep you effective and on track. Breaking any commandment can lead directly to losing one (or many) sales. And unfortunately, a low closing ratio can cost you your job. Raise your closing ratio! Follow the commandments, and make more money!

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