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Sales Dynamo Consulting LLC is a sales consulting firm, offering sales consulting services in sales process and sales management. We built our programs from the ground up, so it’s always original material. We focus on developing your business – we don’t fit you into our process. All our relationships begin with an evaluation; we don’t want to try to solve problems you don’t have. In your written evaluation will be our advice for moving forward to solve your problems. You can choose to go it alone, or choose our continued help and support. It’s entirely up to you.

Sales Process Consulting


Best practices should be the foundation of your sales team. A proven, repeatable sales call plan should be the cornerstone. We help you institute a sales process and accountability structure with all of the keys to a solid foundation. We see an average growth of 35% in sales in our client companies within the first 6 months. Wouldn’t you like to see that growth in your business?

Call Center Personnel Development

Call Center Training

Is your call center missing goals, or having morale problems? Are they still working from a script? Telesales pros need different skills from those who sell in person. We can help you turn the tide and keep your inside sales team fresh, strong and professional.  And of course, there’s a follow up plan to sustain your growth. There is a solution. Ask us how we can help you improve your numbers by the end of the month!

Outsourced Sales Management

Outsourced Sales Management

Outsourced Sales Managers do the same things a regular sales manager do, like keeping sales team’s skills sharp, and help build new skills. They implement a proven, repeatable sales process, and ensure accountability. How are OSMs different? They’re a fraction of the price. OSMs work on a retainer basis. It’s a great option to help your business grow until you’re ready for a full time sales manager.

Workshops & Seminars

Workshops and Seminars

Over 70% of current sales reps have received NO sales training, ever. Have your reps? Our programs are interactive presentations, engaging sales pros in skill development through activities, breakout groups, and facilitated conversations. It’s not a lecture – instead, it actually works! Not sure what you need to do first? Our written evaluation pinpoints problems, so it’s easy to choose the program that will deliver results. Ask us!

Leadership Development

leadership development

Strong, consistent leadership is vital to any organization. Unfortunately, most leaders and managers are promoted without receiving any training on how to lead and manage a team! Leadership can be taught, and we have experience developing leadership skills in professionals in all levels of business organizations. Coaching, accountability, motivation, and team management are all part of our leadership programming. Let us help you.


Elisabeth Marino

Sometimes a fresh face, a new voice, or a new presentation helps a group see their skills and tasks in a new light. We specialize in helping sales pros love their job again, doing their best work, and closing more deals. Do you have a speaking event coming up? If your team needs a shot in the arm, skills improvement, or coordination and management of a retreat, let our experience help your event be a huge success. Call us, and let’s start planning.

Let’s Start Planning

To learn more about our sales consulting services, contact us!   E.Marino@SalesDynamoConsulting.com | 716.435.7096

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