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Sales Performance Workshops

Dynamic Sales Strategy

The most consistently successful sales pros have a sales strategy, and they apply it to every sales interaction. Here we share the Sales Dynamo Dynamic Sales Strategy, and show how to tailor it to your business, staff, and prospects. This clear, simple strategy keeps every sales call on track to the best possible outcome. The average increase in top line sales after this workshop is 35% for the first year! This class is designed for sales pros, sales managers, and the executive team. The 90-day follow up program reinforces the new habits, and gives management the necessary tools to track growth and sales performance based on the new habits.

Sales Process Development

A defined sales process ensures that all prospects and clients are treated with the same care, respect, and attention to detail. Once in place, your Sales Process makes the onboarding of new sales professionals much less complex, and yields prompt results. Through this executive-level workshop, you will develop an effective, streamlined Sales Process consistent with your brand. You will leave with a plan, and a framework for continued refinement of that process. When sales is on the same page, sales performance improves.

Sales Concepts and Psychology

This is a sales theory class designed for sales managers and trainers, as well as experienced sales pros. Through this workshop, several key sales concepts and the psychology of purchasing decisions are examined. You’ll learn what works, what doesn’t, and why. Apply this information in the development of new sales approaches and call micro-scripting. A fresh perspective on your existing sales process.

Key Account Negotiation and Management

Key accounts are so named due to their importance to the enterprise. Does your company have a definition, or criteria to identify those accounts? We do. In this class you’ll learn how to build key accounts, how to manage those you already have, and how to target companies you’d like to add to your key account list. Designed for sales pros and managers. The 90 day follow up plan reinforces good habits, and helps you compile and work with data to support your key relationships.

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