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An Affordable Management Solution

Is your business growing? Is it time for a more organized sales department? Is it too early to spend $150k or more per year for an experienced sales manager? It’s time to grow smart, not fast. Outsourced Sales Management may be the answer. Between now and when you’re ready for a full time sales manager, get all the skill and experience without the high price.

Outsourced Sales Managers (also called Fractional Sales Managers) are trained, and have years, and sometimes decades of experience. We will manage and develop your sales team for a fraction of the price of a direct hire. How? It’s like a bookkeeper who comes, does the job, and then leaves until next time. You don’t need them full time, but you need someone qualified who will do the job expertly the first time.

Your Outsourced Sales Manager will provide the guidance, accountability, and results you need, in only one half or one whole day per week, depending on your current needs. We are a full Sales Enablement solution. We will help instill best practices, reporting and sales projections to grow your sales results. We’ll put a sales management system in place that will grow with your company. And your sales will grow.

We start with our written Sales Evaluation. Each member of your sales team, as well as your sales process, will be evaluated against practices sales success in your industry. That report will discuss what’s going well, and point out the opportunities for improvement. You can choose to stop there, or engage our help to strengthen your team. From there, we’ll generate an agreement that includes a specific plan to meet clear goals.

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