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Would you like to train and certify individuals within your organization to facilitate Sales Dynamo programs? Would you like to incorporate our training into your onboarding or sales program? Our Dynamic Facilitator programs allow you to become a licensed Sales Dynamo Associate. By attending and graduating from an intensive three-day workshop for each selling process to be implemented, you’ll be ready to share your knowledge. Let us train your trainers!

Available Certifications

Currently, certification is available to facilitate:

  1. Dynamic Sales Strategy Management
  2. Key Account Negotiation
  3. Sales Concepts and Psychology
  4. Executive Team Development
  5. Coaching a Strategic Sales Force
  6. Keystone Habit Building
  7. Success Mapping

As a facilitator, you’ll help your organization build on current skills and fulfill the long-term success of each program. Ask about additional certifications.

Benefits to Your Team of Becoming Certified?

Programs will be integrated to your daily management.

You tailor the message based on your own corporate history and current accounts.

Enables your organization to run smaller, targeted, more cost-effective programs.

Delivery may be integrated with other sales training, onboarding, or retreats.

Facilitator Boot Camps

Join our intensive three day Facilitator Boot Camps. You’ll discuss program concepts in depth, learn to introduce and develop each concept, design your own teaching plans, and practice teaching each of the concepts. Attendees are usually sales managers, senior sales executives, or a representative from an in-house training organization. At the end of Boot Camp, you can begin teaching classes back at your organization. Boot Camp will not license you to present Sales Dynamo coursework outside of the registered employers. You must complete the Sales Dynamo Foundation prep-work before attending the Boot Camp.

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