Manager, Executive, and Leadership Training

Executive Team Development 

Designed for growing companies and teams interested in simplifying their chains of command and reporting duties. The executive team is the delegation executing the mission of your business. Unfortunately, growth can confuse the org chart and the mission when it happens quickly. This workshop focuses on defining roles and expanding skills to ensure the most effective administration of your company. Designed for senior management.

Dynamic Coaching for a Strategic Sales Force

Designed for the sales management team of groups enrolled in the Dynamic Sales Strategy workshop, this class give management the tools to keep their sales teams on course to use the sales strategy effectively. There are coaching models, accountability metrics, and staff assignments to continuously grow your sales team’s skills and job satisfaction. Dynamic Sales Strategy course must be completed before enrolling in this course.

Why Leaders Don’t Want Followers           

Our most popular leadership course ever, this workshop develops the 10 key qualities of leadership. An excellent course for executives and emerging talent alike, it provides management and leadership skills and tips effective in every level and every department in an organization. Leaders DON’T want followers; they want a successful team. We develop leaders. (Read more about our Leadership program here.)

Teaching the Adult Learner

This course shows how to build curriculum to train your staff. There are 4 main factors: each class must motivate for learning, deliver information, provide opportunities to utilize the information, and develop confidence that the learning has been absorbed. At the end of this course, you’ll be able to create learning opportunities with ease and confidence. Designed for managers and training staff.

Keystone Habit Building

Keystone habits are those habits that naturally lead to other improved behaviors. For example, starting a workout routine often leads to reduced smoking, reduced drinking, and better eating habits. Through this workshop, managers and executives learn to identify the keystone habits that will result in organizational improvements without all the drama of reorganization or major rule changes. Keystone habits build skills, morale, and save money. It’s time to utilize them in your business.

Success Mapping

If you don’t know what success looks like, it’s hard to tell when you get there. Success Mapping is a class for the ownership and executive team to define the many layers of success that create complete success. At the end of this course, you will be clear on your status on subjects like: marketing, social media, sales, manufacturing, product delivery, human resources, benefits, accounting, capital improvements, and more.

executive and leadership training

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