Customer Experience Workshops

Developing a Client Pathing Model

Designed for sales, marketing, and the executive team. Client pathing is a great place for sales and marketing to get on the same page. From where your client enters your product or service market to where their optimal consumption of your offerings takes place is your client path. We work with you to optimize the opportunities for your client to choose your product, and develop stronger client relationships in the process. The 90 day follow up plan helps you to continue to build your model, and refine your approach.

Customer Experience Touchpoints and Guideposts

This workshop discusses the entire buying process from the customer side, from the triggering event that puts them in the market through ownership of the product. By recognizing the critical decision points in the customer experience, marketing teams can better target research and outreach, and sales teams can refine their approach. Teams learn to address each decision point separately, and optimize their side of the customer experience equation. Designed for sales, marketing, and the executive team.

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